Wed, Feb 10, 2016
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Energy and Carbon

The UK Government has said that prosperity and carbon reduction can go hand in hand to grow the world economy in its new vision for a global climate deal published today.

Climate change analysts at global conultancy PwC have estimated that global economies need to cut their energy related carbon emissions for every $ of GDP by 6.2% every year from now to 2100 - more than five times the rate currently achieved.

Leading renewable energy trade bodies have come together to launch a set of key tests for the political parties ahead of the next general election.

Hydrosense Renewables Ltd has made its third application in two months to the Environment Agency for a full licence to abstract water for hydroelectric power generation at a number of locations in England.

MeyGen, the world’s largest tidal stream development, has today announced that it has agreed terms for a funding package to finance the construction of the first phase of its ground breaking 398MW tidal array project in the Pentland Firth, Scotland.

Wainstones Energy Limited has applied to the Environment Agency for a full licence to abstract water from the River Mersey at Carrington to support a proposed power station at Carrington, Trafford.

The UK Government has been considering the benefits of supporting renewable electricity projects located outside the United Kingdom.

Ministers have today opened the bidding process for companies seeking licences to explore for onshore oil and shale gas across a wide area of the UK and said its framework would accelerate unconventional oil and gas development in a responsible and sustainable way.

The Canals and Rivers Trust has applied to the Environment Agency for a full licence to abstract water for hydro-electric power generation from the River Calder in West Yorkshire.

The European Commission has proposed what it describes a ‘higher and achievable’  30% energy savings target for 2030.

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